Fun Fundraisers


You could do one of two things or even both.

1)My niece did this one and raised more money than she thought she would.

Have all the people in the wedding party that want to help out do a car wash for donations. Make a banner stating "Car Wash - Donations Go Toward Wedding". Have two people holding up signs along side the road, one dressed in a wedding gown & the other in a suit or tuxedo. You can even have your helpers dress like they would in a wedding. You can usually find cheap attire at a goodwill, flea market, rummage sale, thrift store or used clothing store. If you tell them what your wanting the clothing for some of the places mentioned may even lower their prices in order to help.

2)My husband and I paid for the majority of our wedding by this one!

Let your friends and family members know that your are trying to raise money for your wedding. Inform them you are going to get a booth and set up at a local flea market for a weekend. Then anything that's left will be sold at a yard sell another weekend. Then finally whatever's left will be donated to a charitable organization, like Goodwill. Ask them if they would like to help by either donating items to be sold or by helping organize, price and set up where you will be selling the items. Be sure to point out that not only will they be helping you, they will also be helping the needy when the unsold items are donated.

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