Garage Sales Etc.

by ms. sarah morris-limper
(denver, co. )

I've been slowly but surely finding cheap or free stuff at garage sales, ebay, and craigslist then fixing it up or taking it to consignment shops.

Example: I helped a neighbor clean out her house to "pay me" she gave me a couple boxes of crap and some stuff I rescued from the trash.

I found two baby dresses from the 1920's that I sold to a antique store for $50 a piece! Some old depression glass that is on ebay for hundreds a piece and a fur coat that I sold on craigslist for $50.

I also finally got rid of all the stuff clogging up my garage by having a garage sale. I feel free of junk and made some extra cash.

Plus, most people love to have someone come clean their house for a few bucks. Its not a full time job but it doesn't take much time and it helps!

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