Give me Cookies over Cake!!

by D

I don't like cake!...Gasp! I know, I am breaking the cardinal rule of womanhood, but I don't. So, I was not looking forward to paying money for a cake that I wasn't going to eat, let alone my guests. I had actually forgone a cake, and just had a dessert bar, you know, the one that comes with the dinner buffet.

But the more I think of it, the more I really want the tradition of the cake look, so I am doing cookies!! In the shape of a cake.
All I am doing is making 4 boxes, all one smaller than the other, painting them with the wedding colours, and stacking them.

I have some family that are dying for a project so they are in charge of making the cookies.. and honestly nothing is better than my mom's cookies!

Once we have all the cookies, I stack them all into little foil wrappers. Then beside the cake I will have little paper bags, the ones that are smaller than a lunch bag, so that guests can take home some of the ' cake '.

Best part of it all, is that my honey and I will enjoy our 'cake' and eat it too!

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by: Anonymous

Ever think of a cookie cake decorated in icing??
I make them @ my job and we have made wedding cakes/ cookies.

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