Great Bouquets at the Grocery Store?

by Tirzah Marie
(Farmington, MN)

I walked into an upscale grocery store the other day and saw a short bouquet of flowers for $5.00! They were gorgeous!

If you're not a fussy bride (perfectly matched Stephanotis and all that) upscale grocery store flowers are a wonderful option!

1. Generally there are a few bouquets of the same variety.

2. They are in season flowers so usually they'll match your theme.

3. They are easy to cut to size and if you get them fresh in the morning they look wonderful and last well in water until you are ready to used them.

*Augment your grocery bouquet's lasting power with plant food from a really good nursery. I live in MN and I swear by Bachmans... I don't have Bachmans money, but their plant food is like flower crack - it will keep those supermarket flowers looking great late into the evening.

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