Great Grooms Cake Tips

Having a grooms cake is a tradition that has come and gone and is back bigger than ever! This special cake for the groom is thought to have started in the South. It began as a second cake presented at the reception, with a heavier recipe and sometimes soaked with liquor.

Legend says that unmarried girls would take a piece home and sleep with it under their pillows to help them dream of the man they would marry.

Well, times have changed. The best part of this tradition is that the groom has something special for him. There are so many options today.


  • Originally, the cake was served at the reception along side the wedding cake. Some serve it at the rehearsal dinner today.
  • Either the bride OR the groom can pick out the design and surprise the other to make it fun.
  • Choose a design that says something about a special interest or hobby of the groom.
  • Have a special person in your life make the groom’s wedding cake. His mom or the bride’s mom would add a personal touch.
  • Does the groom have a favorite junk-food snack? Pile several donuts, snack cakes, cookies or any other sweets onto pretty cake plates.
  • 3-D is pretty popular. Think 3-D sports equipment shaped cakes. Think 3-D cars, trucks, briefcases, TV sets and remotes.

Probably the best way to save money here is to either get help making the cake or get a local baker to cut you a deal for both cakes. Any way you “slice” it, groom cakes are a cool way to make the groom feel special.