Groomsmen Duties and Responsibilities


Your groomsmen (which includes the best man and ushers) are all important members of the wedding party, so choose wisely. And remember, you can include male or female. 

Traditionally, the groom would include only males as part of the wedding, but times have's acceptable and popular to include a person (man or woman) that the groom is the most comfortable with.

The Best Man...

  • Is the groom's right-hand person, to give help and advice whenever needed.
  • If the groom wants one, organize's the bachelor party. And don't worry about footing the bill, it's acceptable to ask guests to share the cost. Organize's gift for groom with fellow attendants, and gives to groom at bachelor party.
  • Picks out tuxedos with groom, and makes sure all who are attending have been fitted for their suits.
  • Along with fellow attendants decorates the get-away vehicle.
  • The day of...Gets the groom to the ceremony site early. Makes sure all of your attendants are briefed on their duties, i.e. where to stand, and where to seat guests.
  • Makes sure the groom brings the ring and the marriage license. Holds onto the bride's ring during the wedding ceremony. And, along with the bride's honor attendant, will witness the signing of the marriage license.
  • Delivers payments (prepared by the groom or bride) to officiant, or anyone who performs the ceremony.
  • Drives the bride and groom to the reception, unless they hire a driver.
  • Gives the first toast to the bride and groom, and offers to dance with the bride, and her honor attendant.
  • Arranges for transportation for couple if going to airport for honeymoon. 
  • Returns tuxedos and rental items the next day.

The Groomsmen...

  • Assists the best man with bachelor party if needed, and chips in on groom's gift. May also be invited to engagement parties, and couple showers.
  • Gets fitted for tuxedo and allows enough time for alterations.
  • May be asked to decorate the get-away car for the bride and groom.
  • Before the processional, lays the aisle runner, if one is provided. Gets there early!
  • Helps usher guests to seats at the ceremony, and hand out programs.
  • Helps with cleanup after service, i.e.,gathering up programs, rolling up aisle runner, removing pew ribbons, or moving decorations to reception.
  • Will be asked to dance with bridesmaids, and possibly other single guests.

The Ushers...This is a great way to include extra family members that aren't in the wedding party. And, if your wedding is big, you'll need them. Allow one usher for every 50 guests. Also, a great way to include younger family and friends!

  • Ushers assist the groomsmen with the aisle runner, escorting guests to seats, handing out programs, and help with cleanup.
  • Dress to match the wedding attendants...if they are wearing tuxedos, you should also.


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