Homemade veil for less than 10 percent of store cost

by Krysta
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

my veil, made with bridal loops instead of a comb

my veil, made with bridal loops instead of a comb

Ladies, PLEASE do not buy your veil at a bridal shop! Make it, or hire a family friend to make it for you! Here's my story:

In the bridal shop, my mother and i looked at the different styles of veils that suited my dress. Once we decided on one, we searched the internet for methods of making veils.

We went to a specialty fabric store (so not a cheap one) because I wanted a shimmery tulle for my veil. We bought 1/2 a meter of bridal loops, 3 meters of shimmery tulle, and 12 meters of satin bias for 30 dollars, which is enough materials to make 2 full veils that are calf length.

In the end, I made my perfect veil for 15 dollars, and maybe an hour and a half of time. We are using the extra fabric and satin bias on the flower girl dress, and for other decorating.

Here's the clincher, in the store, the Veil I copied was 270 DOLLARS! Trust me, unless you are making 250 bucks an hour, it's worth your time to sit down and make your veil!!

Happy planning!

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