How I made my own Veil, Bouquet's, invitation's & Party Favors!!

by Alisha Shearer
(Big Rapids, Mi USA)

As I was shopping for veils, bouquet’s, invitation's and party favors for my wedding I was shocked at how much everything was! My veil would of cost me $150 for one tier. My bouquet’s for 5 (even with fake flowers) would of cost me $240! and my invitations and reply cards? $147 for 125 of them. The party favors for 10 people would of cost me $207!!

I’m pretty crafty and I like to make things so I got to thinking what if I made this stuff myself??

Well, I looked up how to make your own veil to get directions...modified them a bit. and made a beautiful red and white, with 3 tiers, and rhinestones veil for a total of $20!

Next came the bouquet’s. I’m allergic to bees so I wanted fake flowers to lesson the chance of getting stung. So with fake Red and White roses, plain old clear scotch tape, and red and white ribbons. I made 5 very beautiful bouquet’s for $40!

And the invitations?? Well with card stock, stencils, air brush paint, and a calligraphy kit. I was able to make 150 beautiful wedding invitation's and reply cards for $48, it actually came to around $70 with the envelopes and stamps included.

For the Party favors, I made personalized beer mugs for the guys, wineglasses for the girls, and for my husband and I, personalized champagne glasses. All I needed was a glass etching kit from Wal-Mart, and 4 clear mugs, 4 clear wineglasses‘, and 2 champagne flutes. All of that only cost me $63.

It was all very easy and great fun to make, and a whole lot less stress on my husband and I. By making all of that I saved us $574!! that we used towards our honeymoon. I made a lot of other stuff for the wedding but I don't need to say all of it.

I will say however that by starting early, well over a year ahead of time...but you can do it n shorter time I was just very excited! We had my fantasy wedding and great reception for a little under $3,000! All in all I would say that all the time and effort put into making everything was well worth every penny spent!

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