How I Saved Money On My Wedding And Wedding Reception

by Judy Foriska

I was married on 10/24/08 and saved alot of money. My wedding dress was gotten at Macy's on the clearance rack for $45.50. My shoes were $6.50 at a consignment store. My granddaughter's dress $7.50, Macy's clearance rack. My daughter(matron of honor) got her dress for $ 20. at Marshall's clearance.

We had a full sheet cake with a picture of the Blessed Mother who we honored at our wedding with silk hydrangeas, and one 12 in. square double layer cake with apricot filling decorated with silk hydrangeas and blue ribbon around the bottom and one 14 in. square double layer cake. Total cost for the cakes was $117.

Friends of my husband prepared the food for 150 people only charging for the cost of the food; $900. We did give the couple $400 and their boys $160 for helping. We got the church hall for free(the pastor is a friend of my husband).

I did refer to your website often. That's where I got the idea about the cake; not going traditional. Thanks. Keep up good work.

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