Ideas for Inexpensive Wedding Flowers

by Helen Smeaton

Ideas for Inexpensive Wedding Flowers

* Choose a simple design to keep costs down. A posy style like the pink roses in the picture below will cost far less than a complex cascading bouquet, which takes far longer to put together with multiple pieces of wire.

* Only book a florist for the most important items like the bridal bouquet and perhaps the top table flower arrangement. Order flowers for boutonnieres and bridesmaid bouquets from the same supplier for color matching then arrange for a friend or amateur flower arranger to put them together.

* Consider using floristry students eager to add a wedding portfolio to their list of achievements. Always test their work first by giving them artificial flowers to work with, which can double for pre-wedding rehearsals.

* If time or DIY skills are nonexistent, find out prices of individual blooms before committing to a design suggested by a florist. With the base costs understood, it is far easier to negotiate a final price and expensive flowers can be replaced or reduced in number to save money.

* For walking down the aisle, try sweet-talking the church flower ladies who are often only too happy to show off their flower arranging skills. Just buy in the flowers and let them work their magic.

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