Inspiration For Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

Inspirations for inexpensive wedding ideas are everywhere! You are sure to feel inspired the moment you become engaged…maybe even before!

Consider how you want your wedding to look and feel. 

Think about the kind of wedding experience you want to have. Imagination is FREE! Use it! 

Coming up with ideas that won’t burst your budget is easier than you may think. Use all of the resources around you to help you decide how your ideas will turn into reality. Find inspiration in travel brochures, children's books, art books and photographs. Start with your favorite color or favorite theme. Of course, there are always magazines and the Internet.

A great site for sparking your imagination is Pinterest! It's fun to create "boards" (your wedding theme, ideas, and photos) and "pins" that you can share with your family, friends, and bridal party. We've created a Pinterest page of our own to share ideas with you!

When your inspiration comes from your wedding theme, it can be a little easier to carry that through the ceremony and reception. Use the same thematic elements everywhere you can.

For instance, if your theme is “winter white”, you can use it at the ceremony location with the decorations, programs, etc.

Your wedding transportation can be used to carry your theme ideas as well. Decorate your arrival and getaway cars with winter white cans and streamers!

Your ideas should follow into the reception with the decor and maybe even music too.

Don’t forget that your wedding ideas can last a lifetime if you use them in your photos and keepsakes also.

We love when a couple can incorporate their family traditions into their wedding plans. Sometimes, that’s all the inspiration you need. Whole weddings are planned around tradition, and it always makes for a beautiful union!

Wedding inspiration can come from anywhere. Be creative. Think fun. Think beautiful, then create your dream wedding inside your budget.


  • Add a magical touch to your ceremony with a cheap yet chic aisle runner.
  • Make a fun and funky backdrop for your photo booth.
  • Use place cards that aren’t your mama’s place cards
  • Use unusual table runners and mats for a unique table look.
  • Turn everyday paper products, like cupcake holders, into charming flower décor.
  • Fill your reception area (inside or outside) with amazing banners and garland.
  • Disguise UGLY walls with incredible decorations.
  • Transform even the blandest room with enchanting lanterns.
  • Embellish the chairs at your reception with decoration that match your theme.
  • Prepare a personalized slide show or video of the couple for the reception.
  • Make your favors to double as your table decoration. One idea...make personalized candle holders for each guest using monogram stickers and ribbon.