Made My Own Wedding Cake

by Shona

In Jamaica the traditional wedding cake is a dark fruit cake laced with wines and currants, not the typical white sponge cake. It was for that reason that my soon to be mother-in-law was annoyed with my choice to adjust a cake mix. My mother finally decided to make the cake for me.

I will be stacking them and icing them with fondant. If I find that I cannot manage the fondant I will resort to my trusty royal icing but I need fondant for the modern look I want.

The gumpaste flowers are bought premade from and I will be altering their colour by dusting them with petal dust.

The easier version of what I will be doing is to buy cake mix in bulk and to buy premade fondant and to do a stacked cake decorating it with a choice of premade flowers preferably in a kit.

My cake will end up costing more than it ought because of my country's tradition (they come for the fruit cake)

It will look like the professional ones as long as you watch the videos on youtube.

If you are having a small wedding, serve a sheet cake or one that you bought at the grocery and make the base and top tier real while filling in the other layers with cake foam (the ones used for displays at a baker)and decorate them all with storebought fondant

Haven't made it yet but I know it will look great.


You can rent a fake cake and insert a chunk for the cutting and feeding but please don't glue garland beads and ribbon to the foam...make it at least look like a cake with icing.

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Don't settle for second best
by: Levine

My wedding is in June and have already baked my own cake. It's a traditional fruit cake. I got the recipe of off some site. Wedding cakes have evolved because people want to cut costs.

Traditional fruit cakes are losing fashion because marriages are no longer eternal and people have a hard time sharing them come time for divorce.

Make one to give you reason to keep going when things get tough in marriage.

A lot of my friends were pushing me to go for the new cakes but I have stuck to my decision.

by: Anonymous

DON"T buy the Wilton Fondant!!! It is the most horrible, awful, nasty stuff on the planet! You can order some from bakery supply stores online. Satin Ice or Chocopan is really good!

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