Save Money With Ideas For Mother-of-the-Bride Gifts

Mother-of-the-Bride Gifts are a sweet gesture of how grateful you for all of mom’s help.

She has been with you through thick and thin. She carried you for nine months, wiped your nose a hundred times and listened to you stress over your big day.

You couldn't do this without her; so let her know how grateful you are by giving her a Mother-of-the-bride gift. It's not mandatory, but it's a nice way to lift her up and show her how much you appreciate her.

Mother-of-the bride gifts don't have to be expensive.


  • Make a really nice lunch for her
  • Take her out to lunch at her favorite restaurant
  • Buy her a pretty orchid (they're pretty cheap at the grocery store or home improvement centers)
  • Give her a small gift basket with luxurious creams and candles
  • Send her flowers
  • Buy her a nice cookbook
  • How about a spa day or just a manicure or pedicure