Tips For The Mother-of-the-Bride

Being the mother-of-the-bride can keep you very busy. Things have changed over the years and while you may look forward to living vicariously through your daughters have to respect the bride's wishes.

Today, the bride and groom do most of the wedding planning and will have their own vision and ideas. However, your daughter will appreciate your help and advice and you should freely give it when asked. The main responsibility of the mother-of-the-bride is to be the hostess for the entire wedding event.


  • Helping with the budget, since you may be footing all or some of the bill.
  • Contact the groom's parents and arrange to meet, if you haven't done so.
  • Helping the bride pick out a wedding dress.
  • Contacting the grooms mother regarding the guest list.
  • Choosing your own mother-of-the-bride dress for the wedding day. Let the mother of the groom know the color and style right away so she can find a complimentary dress
  • Help out-of-town guests on the bride's side with hotel reservations and travel arrangements
  • You may include walking down the aisle with the bride and her father or lighting a candle on the alter
  • Make sure everyone has instructions for the ceremony
  • Be the hostess with the “mostess” and enjoy this glorious day

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