Multiple Cakes

Everyone likes a different kind of cake. And in order to include some wonderful cooks in our family, we are asking that about 10 ladies make 2 cakes each.

Not too big of a problem for anyone, and everyone should be able to be pleased at the wedding.

Also, we are having some sugar-free cakes for our diabetic relatives and friends.

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Way cool idea!
by: Terri

I am not creative, but have near no money, so thanks for this great idea!! Especially in today's economy, my guests (all 25 of 'em ) may just prefer to make my wedding gift rather than give it ;)

Perfect Planning
by: Keisha

I had this envisioned for my wedding as well after having gone to another friend's wedding.

She did the same thing, asking relatives to each make a different flavored cake.

They all looked so beautiful, and everyone got to choose their favorite flavor!

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