My dream cake...only 65 dollars.

I was browsing around and saw half a million cakes that I fell in love with, but I wasn't about to spend 500+ plus on a cake that was going to be torn apart and EATEN...

So I decided that there were more important things to spend the money on.

Not to mention I could design the cake exactly how I wanted it.

I have decided to make the cake myself.

Four tiers, chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. But I'll be putting strawberries into layers in each of the tiers.

I'll have a blue ribbon on the bottom of each tier. A row of big dots on the bottom of each ribbon, and a row of littler dots on the top of the ribbon. Then about 8 mini bouquets of blue flowers (my color for my wedding), with sugared blue berries and blackberries next to the flowers on each of the levels.


Simple, elegant and yummy.

In comparison to spending 500+ more on my "dream cake" I'll get to have my cake for under 100 dollars. And that includes if I buy my own cake pans.

The ribbon is 3 dollars a spool. The flowers I am growing myself. The cake mix and frosting is on sale.

But better yet. I am going to talk to my grandmother who has way too much sugar, eggs, and milk for her own good. And my aunt has tons of cake pans and piping bags and tips.

So really, I'll only be buying the fruit, cake mix, and frosting myself.

So for a cake that will cost about 65 dollars...I can feed anywhere from 100-150 guests depending on cake slices.

And for bigger wedding parties chip out an extra 20 bucks to bake a few sheet one is going to see these anyways.

No one will no the difference if I spent 65 dollars opposed to hundreds of dollars.

Omit the fruit on the inside of the cake, and knock the price down another 20 bucks or so.


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Wondering how it went
by: Shaun

I agree that making your own wedding cake would be the cheapest way to go....However, ALOT of work when you are the bride and have a million others things to do, especially the day before you wedding.

If you used the real fruit filling, you would have been making your cake the day before instead of getting your nails done and relaxing.

I was just wondering how it went for you and would you still recomend your suggestion?

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