My Topiaries

by Briah

My CHEAP Topiaries!

My CHEAP Topiaries!

I bought plastic plant pots at the dollar store (terracotta ones can be expensive) and then I mixed kitty litter and paint until it was a thick paste. I then painted the kitter litter mixture onto my pots and let them dry. Then I spray painted them gold. The kitty litter gave my pots a nice, aged texture and the gold made them look very expensive.

Then I went into the woods and found appropriately sized sticks and I peeled off any loose bark and stained them a dark walnut color, perfect!

As for the styrofoam balls, they are super expensive! The cheapest I could find them was $8 each for the large ones. So I got a 99 cent bag of balloons and blew them up to the right size, I then decoupaged newspaper and glue all over them (making them very round as I went along). After my decoupaged newspaper balls dried I popped the balloons inside and made a small hole for my stick.

I bought all my flowers at the dollar store and removed all the stems and plastic. I then hot glued my flowers onto my homemade newspaper balls, leaving no spaces.

Afterwards I stuck the flower balls onto my sticks and put my sticks into styrofoam that I had placed inside my plant pots. Cover the bottom with artificial moss or grass. Then tie a large ribbon around the stick at the base of your flower ball and you're done!

*Each topiary costs around $3.50 and I think they look GREAT!!*

This picture seems to show spaces between my flowers but I believe it's from the flash, your flowers should be so close together that they overlap each other. Hope you enjoy!!

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