Offer Your Services in Exchange for Wedding Deals

by Julianne Salisbury
(Denver, CO, USA)

I just got engaged and am working on figuring out all the vendors, my TOTAL budget is less than $10K, and that's scraping pennies.

For my job I help small companies with their internet marketing - websites, blogging, email marketing, etc.

I went to a wedding show and mentioned that to vendors and gave them my business card. I told them that as I'm a future bride, I'm their businesses target market (so I'd have great input on how to make sure their marketing attracts their target audience).

I offered to help them get more people finding them online as a service in exchange for their help or service. I would not be able to hire them if they didn't, so I thought - what's the worst they could say, no?

People loved the idea, and I'm going to have to sell a bit, but at least I can use my skills to get the wedding I want.

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