Planning before the proposal....

by weddingcrazygirl7

I know that in the next few months my now boyfriend is going to propose. So, when I'm bored I sometimes check around different sites and think about different ways to save money. I'm stumbled upon a few good ideas to really cut down the budget.

1. Look online (do a search) for non-profit churches or organizations that specialize in "budget bride weddings". I found one a few hours away from me that sells cheap donated wedding dresses ( think trunk type show). The money from the sale of the dresses helps run the store ( kind of like goodwill). They also, offer "budget bride weddings" where you pay a deposit of 100 and they will offer you certain supplies to use for your wedding such as, flower arch, centerpeices, chair covers, flower girl attire etc. They also, have wedding dresses that require another 100 deposit. I totally have this site bookmarked! You get the deposits back in full once you return everything in clean/good condition. I'm sure other states have a place or two like this? They also, can give you a local list of places to get stuff dry cleaned or get a cheaper cake.

2. Freecycle : I've seen people get wedding dresses, party favors, vases for centerpeices. I couldn't hurt to ask right?

3. Craigslist : I've seen sooo many nice wedding dresses listed online on my local craigslist. Some complete with dress, shoes, veil, nwt undergarments from canceled weddings. Also, try " I do , now I don't " website for rings and wedding dresses.
I also, keep an eye on occasionally you can find some designer wedding dresses ( think ann barge or vera wang) that might need a little cleaning but, worth the low low price. Another site : Preowned wedding is another excellent source for dresses.

4. I've been giving thought to candy ( truffles) type favors. Wait for a sale at the store ( target etc) and freeze them. Divide the box into 2-4 per person. Purchase little boxes ( walmart or dollar store has good ones).

This is just a few idea I've come up with GL and I HTH.

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