Planning for budget DIY Fall wedding & reception

by Holly

Planning for my daughter's 11-11-11 wedding.

Some of the ways we will keep things thrifty but personal: Growing gourds and decorative corn to be used for decorations.

Paper & plastic tableware. (I've heard that it is very "southern" anyways!)

Holding the event in a church-owned reception hall that allows dancing but no alcohol.

Making our own soup-supper soups from family recipes and freezing ahead. We will serve soups (Brunswick stew, chili, chicken noodle,and grandpa's Clam chowder), salads, crusty breads as well as family recipe banana and zucchini breads (frozen ahead), veggie & dip, make your own sandwiches.

Actually, the sandwiches are optional with all of the filling soups. Friend will make a cake.

Event will be on a Friday evening around 6:30pm.

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