Sam's Club Wedding Flowers!

by Jennie

I am all about saving money so I researched lots of flower options. I thought about silk flowers but found they were almost as expensive as the real deal!

I was browsing through the Sam's Club website when I saw a tab for "Bulk Flowers". The prices and variety of flowers they offer is AMAZING!

I was still very hesitant about buying my flowers online but after reading the HUNDREDS of reviews others wrote about how spectacular the flowers were I went for it!

I purchased hydrangeas and white roses to make 10 centerpieces and 5 bridal bouquets for just over $200! FYI the shipping is included in the price listed on the hidden fees in other words!

My wedding is August 1 so I will post pictures of how it all turned out! Good Luck!

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by: Anonymous

NO! I ordered my flowers through Sam's Club a month ago. TODAY I called to see if I could come in and bring my centerpieces...They informed me that the florist had been let go and they will not be filling any wedding orders. They didn't even have the professionalism or courtesy to CALL me and my wedding is in ONE MONTH! I am FURIOUS and will never shop there again.

Great deal!
by: Anonymous

I work for Sam's Club, and I can vouch that the flowers they send are very affordable and fresh when they arrive! I am getting married next year and I plan to buy my flowers from and put the bouquets together myself! It's your best deal if you're trying to go cheap but still look good!

Don't forget your local grocery store for flower options
by: Becky

I am so glad there are options out there for brides on a budget. I was really considering the online bulk flowers from other popular sites but I'm not having a wedding party so I have limited manpower the day of and day before so I decided that I simply wouldn't have the patience for waiting around for the delivery and then cutting and arranging.

One day while looking at these online sites at summer bouquets for $18 it dawned me that surely my local grocery store is selling summer bouquets for less than $18. Surprisingly I had a great customer service experience and guess what.. the bouquets are $10. I'll be bringing them my vases and they will do all the arranging. Even if there is a small fee for the arranging labor I'm already immediately saving at least $80!

I wrote this on another site and someone mentioned that I was really naive about what a florist could do for budgets - I wrote back and said that I'd gladly give my money to a florist over a big box grocery store and could that person recommend some florists to do ten centerpieces for less than $200.

I have nothing against florists, it's just when you're on a very limited budget, you're gonna have to seek out alternatives from the wedding industry norm.

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