Save For Your Wedding Ahead of Time!

by Judith Kopchak

As the mother of two potential brides, I have been collecting things for years!

When going to yard sales, I look for glass items such as hurricame globes. I have an assortment of these to place candles in the middle for table decorations. The usual retail price has been $4.00 to $5.00 each.

Yard sale prices were rarely over 25 or 50 cents. I have bought ribbon and candles on sale, tulle and fabric on sale; Christmas lights with white wire on sale. The lights have been used everywhere!

I got 25 yards of Satin on sale for $2.00 a yard! It will probably be used to grace a table or draped over a hallway. I could sew a wedding dress if ever needed.

The point is~ our collection of 15 white plastic containers have already been used for two daughter-in-laws and our youngest daughter last year. We have one more daughter to go!

When we are finished with the containers of stuff, I will probably sell on E-bay!

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This is so neat!
by: Samantha

This is exactly what I plan to do. Thank you for the tip.

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