Save lives while Saving money!

by Bethany
(Dayton, Ohio)

Me and my fiance are on a small budget for our wedding. We're thinking of as many ways as possible to save every bit we can (by the way, your website is a lifesaver of tips!).

One of the ways I am saving money is Biolife! I am donating my plasma twice a week. I average $55/weekly. It requires needles and plasma loss, but every time you donate plasma you save two lives, and you get paid to do it!

And trust me...I am terrified of needles, but it's really not that bad.

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by: Jenn

This is an awesome idea! My boyfriend and I aren't engaged yet--although we talk about our eventual nuptials all the time and I'm always on the lookout for money-saving/raising tips for when it's time.

I just did some research on donating plasma in my city and found a donation center within walking distance from our apartment. We're going to check it out on Saturday. Although we're not thinking about our wedding in too much earnest at the moment, it never hurts to pad the savings account for the future! Thanks SO much for the tip!

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