Siblings Dance

by Melanie
(Sturgeon Falls ON)

There is an old French Canadian tradition that is fun and helps get a few more bucks to help tie up loose ends.

Traditionally, if the bride has an unmarried older sibling, that sibling wears a pair of wool socks with little bells sewn on them over their pants/stockings and does a little jig.

You can get the DJ to play a silly song like an irish drinking song or riverdance ect... anything that is fast enough for that sibling to keep their feet moving!!

As this happens, the guests throw money to the sibling throughout the jig...this is kind of like royal jesters back in the day. Nowadays, we still keep this tradition going just because its fun.

Now it can be anyone in the wedding party that is unmarried or it can even be an uncle or cosin...but the older the person, the funnier!!

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