by Amanda
(Tyler, Texas)

After dragging one of my bridesmaids with me all over East Texas looking for the perfect dress, I FINALLY found "The One" at a local bridal boutique.

I absolutely did not want to part with the dress- that is, until I saw the price tag....$1250!!! Ok, so let's hand that one back! I set a strict budget, and as much as I loved the dress, I wasn't budging from what I knew I could spend.

So the next day as I was moping around the house because of the "dress that got away", my WONDERFUL bridesmaid calls me up and tells me a link to go to on EBAY and told me to check it out ASAP! Welllll...seems as though luck was on my side because the listing she found was for the EXACT same dress, complete with tags on it! A woman from up north was closing her bridal shop and liquidating all of her dresses.

Soooo, how much did I pay for my "dream dress"???? All together with shipping to Texas (drumroll please)...$168!!! A savings of over $1000!!

Don't knock it til you try it- because to this day I'm in debted to my bridesmaid for finding that for me!!!

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