Themed Weddings: Get Inspiration Here

Themed weddings can be classic, modern, rustic, cultural, nautical, whimsical, by season or by color.
Picking a theme can help you decide on all of the elements of your wedding.

Creating themed weddings can be as simple as picking your favorite colors, and can be as elaborate as your budget allows. Your theme can be used throughout your wedding your engagement party, your shower, the ceremony and reception.

Decide and Plan...what's your style? Are you a totally modern bride, or a country girl at heart? Do you love the beach, have a favorite movie, or a favorite color? Do you want to get away from the every day, and plan a destination wedding? 

Decide on the look and feel of your wedding, and have fun with your idea!

Be Inspired...Check out Pantone for color trend forecasts. They are famous for declaring a color of the year for fashion, home furnishings and interior design. Download their really cool mobile wedding app on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android for a small fee. 

Look for current wedding ideas online; on sites like Pinterestfacebook, in bridal magazines, and visit bridal shows. 

Ask your friends or wedding vendors for ideas on a theme. But remember, it's your wedding, so ultimately the choice is yours!

Check out travel sites for ideas and deals on destination weddings.


  • Rustic weddings are a romantic way to celebrate your big day. And the styles can vary from rustic barn to country elegance!
  • Celebrate the seasons, whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter! By following the seasons, you may be able to save on flowers, food, and venues, and wedding professionals.
  • Go vintage! Celebrating your favorite era could be vintage Victorian or retro 60's! Check this page out for an idea... Victorian Weddings
  • Celebrate your family heritage and culture with ideas like this...Irish Weddings
  • Beach Weddings
  • Get away! Invite a few close friends and family and plan a trip to a beautiful destination! Destination Weddings can be a special time for you and your loved ones. Book and save at all-inclusive resorts. And stay for your honeymoon!
  • Get outdoors! Let the beauty of a beautiful beach, lake or park be backdrop for your special day! Beach Weddings
  • Keep it simple! Pick your favorite color and go with it! Simple way to make your wedding day special.