Tips For Do it yourself Wedding invitations

by kelly

These tips are coming from a professional:

Do-it Yourself invitations can be very cost-effective, however, if they are not done properly can become a disaster if you don't plan carefully.

Tip #1. Start with the envelope and work inward.
Envelopes only come in STANDARD sizes and your invitation must fit inside it, without weighing more than 1 oz. Also avoid square envelopes, these cost over $1.00 each to mail. You can still have a square invitation, but put it in an envelope that is less than 6 inches in height and rectangular, and you will still be within regular postage rates.

Tip #2. Look at real professional invitations before beginning your design and layout. Use 0.5 inch margins and don't use images from the internet as photos for your artwork. Web images are not created to be printed, so the colors and resolution can print differently than it looks on the screen.

Tip #3. Be certain to include all vital information. Do your guests need directions? Are they aware that the reception is being held 10 miles or more from the ceremony location?

Tip #4. Be considerate of your traveling family and friends. RSVP's should be returned by 3 weeks before the wedding date. Do not wait until 3 weeks before the wedding to mail the invitations. These should go out up to 3 months before the event.

Tip #5. Find a verse that suits your occasion. You do not have to use a traditional wording, but please make sure you spell out the dates, or keep them in standard date format, but whichever you choose, be consistent. Don't spell out the Twenty-fifth and then use November 2010 in numerical format. This should read "two thousand and ten." Only capitalize the day of the week and month of the year, all else is lowercase.

Tip #6. When placing the time, do not use digits. If the wedding is at 2:30 p.m. it should read "half past two o'clock in the afternoon"

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