Beautiful Wedding Cake Designs
That Are Cheap And Simple

Wedding cake designs don't have to be expensive to be elegant. Here are some simple ideas that are easy to do, inexpensive and that will WOW your guests.

  • Bake your own cake or enlist the help of a friend or family member to do this for you.
  • Make a small showpiece cake and have sheet cake in the same flavor to serve to your guests.
  • Make a styrofoam cake. Buy styrofoam at the craft store and assemble using skewers or dowels. Frost and decorate as you would a real cake. This cake will only be for show. Sheet cakes will be served from the kitchen.
  • Keep the frosting simple and decorate the cake with one of the following wedding cake designs:

As mentioned in the opening cake page…serve cupcakes. Place them on tiers like a large cake. They can be decorated with anything effortlessly. Cupcake holders come in beautiful colors and designs or you can take the holders off. Anyone can make cupcakes. It's super easy and cheap. You can even use a mix. No one will ever know, especially if you put some sugared fruit or fresh flowers on each one.

Sugared Fruit from Food Network
Crushed Candy Cake: Martha Stewart Weddings

Decorate with Edible Organic Flowers:

1. Nasturtium (peppery tasting) CCW's Laura's wedding cake was made by the restaurant where she had her reception. (it was part of the catering deal) She asked the baker to frost but not decorate the cake. Our mom bought organic nasturtiums at a local gourmet grocer. The day of the wedding she adorned the cake with the flowers. It was gorgeous-everyone raved about the cake.

2. Rose (mild, sweet tasting) Roses in any shape, form or color are beautiful. Just watch for aphids.

3. Lavender (perfume tasting)

4. Chicory (spicy, bitter tasting) They open up around noon time.

5. Oregano ( spicy tasting)

6. Pansy (semi-sweet tasting) They have fragile petals…handle with care.

It's best to pick the flowers the day of the wedding. If that's not possible, store them (except for chicory) on a plate with some water in your fridge.

  • You can also use non-edible organic flowers for your designs. Make a small bouquet and use as a cake topper. Or sprinkle petals, cascading down tiers. Or place flowers around the base of the cake. It's simple and elegant.

Decorate with your favorite Candy!

~ M&M's

~ Candy canes

~ Peppermints

~ Chocolates

~ Licorice

~ Mints

~ Lifesavers

~ Or any other pretty candies.

~ Try all different types of white candies for spectacular white-on-white cake designs.

~ Sugared fruit is one of our favorites. It makes even the simplest wedding cake designs exquisite.

To Make Sugared Fruit:

Use pasteurized egg whites found in cartons in the dairy section of the supermarket. Beat the egg whites until bubbles start to form. Paint fruit with a pastry brush dipped in the whites. Sprinkle sugar on fruit with a sieve or roll fruit in fine sugar. Let dry completely on a cookie sheet or something similar before using.

Top the cake or every tier for one of the most stunning wedding cake designs.