Make The Most Of Your Wedding Ceremony

Photo: Christopher Kijowski Photography

The perfect wedding ceremony is one from the heart....the highlight of your wedding day, and should be just the way you imagine it to be. It is possible to have a gorgeous ceremony and save money as well!

Many couples choose to get married in their house of worship, but other popular themes and venues include:

Rustic Romance-barns, ranches, vineyards, parks.

Elegant Country-farms, backyards, plantations.

Shabby Chic-indoors or out. In the country or the city!

Museum/Art Gallery-soak up some culture!

Garden-botanical gardens, or your own backyard. Picnic-find a park near you. Beach-lakeside or ocean side.

Big money saver... Hold the wedding ceremony and reception in the same location. Save on transportation costs, rental fees, flowers and decorations.


The wedding processional

Music and readings

Wedding Vows

Exchange of Rings

Officiant’s sanction of the marriage

A first kiss as a married couple

Witnesses sign the marriage license

You can include other elements like a..

1-Wine Ceremony- Drink from the "Cup of Life" to symbolize the journey of your life before you.

2-Unity candle ceremony 

3-A Rose Ceremony or any other religious practice or family tradition you would like to add.

More Cheap Chic tips for your wedding ceremony:

  • Check with your ceremony site about whether or not you can decorate and with what. They may have decorations you can use for free, like floral arrangements and potted plants.
  • Buy a plain aisle runner and decorate it yourself or ask if you can sprinkle it with paper decorations or flower petals.
  • Decorate the entrance, doorway, archway or trellis yourself using real or artificial flower, pretty paper flowers, streamers or garland.
  • Make pomanders of real or artificial flowers and hang at pews or seating area.
  • Hang paper cones filled with baby’s breath on seats or end of pews.
  • If your reception is in the same location, have a helper move the ceremony decorations over to the reception while photos are being taken.
  • Save on your ceremony music by using the place of worship’s singers or performers for free or low fee/donation.
  • Ask local students to perform your ceremony music. Consider using a single guitarist or violinist or harpist.
  • Ask a talented friend or family member to perform, they will very likely be thrilled to participate!
  • If your budget allows, devise wedding programs , so your guests can follow along. You can save a bunch if you make the programs yourself!
  • You can save on Officiant fees if you have someone you know perform the ceremony. Many states allow Notary Publics or even laypeople to officiate civil wedding ceremonies. Check the laws in your area for details.

The ceremony is where you will share your true feelings for one another with your guests. Make it your own…make it special to you as a couple. And if you want a most intimate and inexpensive wedding ceremony, you can always elope!