Wedding components as gifts

by Tammy

I have been married 23 years, so this is an old story, but the wedding did "take" it seems : )

We had our whole wedding - that would have been considered quite nice at the time - for $2000. Not a penny of debt was acquired.

One idea was that instead of gifts, a few of the guests contributed wedding components as the gift itself...a business associate of my moms owned a pristine 1936 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce...she lent it to us as our gift. Other friends made food for the reception as thier gift.

Other money savers...
- we had the reception at a private home
- I bought my dress 3 years earlier on sale and had it in my "hopechest"
- I made my veil, and it was daughter told me yesterday she will probably use it someday
- had a "party" at the hotel after the rehearsal rather than an expensive dinner
- the photographer charged just to take the photos and sold us the negatives...everyone took turns borrowing the negatives to have whatever they wanted printed (that worked until mom got petty and refused to share, she later lost them)

- we bought lovely blouses and made also made hats, but they were ghastly
- All the gals did their own hair and makeup...saved lots of time that day with people not driving to a salon

What scares me about weddings today is that the bride too often becomes me-centered and forgets the sacredness of the Holy Sacrament..please dont do that ladies, the marriage is so much more important than the wedding. We went to a full blown Bridezilla fiasco when DHs sis got married a few years later...she made such a fool of herself that some folks have never regained their respect for her...please dont do that.

Godspeed to you all !!

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