Learn to Preserve Your Special Day with
Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding dress preservation is important if you want to enjoy and share your gown for years to come. Your gown should be cleaned as soon as possible. The longer that stains set in the dress the harder it will be to remove them.

For the best possible results, follow the directions on the care label as to either wash it or dry clean it. Be careful of trims like sequins and some beads because some cannot be dry cleaned. Ask a professional. 

Many cleaners specialize in protecting your gown. Ask friends or relatives for a referral. 

After the wedding dress preservation is done, it should be packed for storage. You can do it yourself or have the dry cleaner do it. 

Here are a few wedding gown storage tips:

  • you can store your dress in a box or on a hanger
  • use only acid-free boxes and tissue paper. You can purchase these materials from the internet, office supply stores or the dry cleaner.
  • never use plastic to store your dress. It can discolor or destroy your dress
  • don't use metal pins or clips...they can rust
  • store the dress in cool, dry place