Wedding Gift Cards

by Penny McCumber
(Charlotte, NC 28277)

So many couples now have either been on their own or lived together before getting married, so they have the basic household "stuff", but what they really want is to have a beautiful wedding.

So register for (or have friends and family members let it be known what you want) gift cards at stores like Target, Michaels, or other stores where the you can purchase items that you can use in the wedding. The gift they are giving is more than a card, it's a beautiful memory.

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by: bravenewgirl85

Since we have lived together for about 2 years, we are asking our families to donate to a cause for gifts, and since this seems a bit tacky we registered with the idofoundation who matches either a percentage of the cost of the "gifts" people want to buy you on your wedding registries, or if they want to straight donate it allows them to do that also. Its a great way to give back, and get gifts if you so choose, and its not tacky at all.

Registering for Gift/Cash cards
by: Monique

My fiancee and I have two complete households and don't need any items, but we were thinking about requesting gift cards that we can use on our honeymoon or whatever we actually need.

The gift cards would have to be Visa or AmEx gift cards for cash.

Is there a site that allows a couple to "register" for Visa or AmEx gift cards where people who want to "give" something can put money on the card or a card?

Thanks For The Idea
by: Molly

My fiancee and I have been together for a while and pretty much have our house set up. I think this is a great idea that we are going to try.


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