Give Great Wedding Gifts For Groomsmen

It is traditional and still appropriate for the groom to purchase wedding gifts for groomsmen. These are after all, your family members or very best buddies and you want to thank them with a nice gift.

There are a few ways to go when picking out wedding gifts for groomsmen. You can buy all of the groomsmen the same gift or pick out something different for each attendant.

You really should allow plenty of time for this task, as you want to put some thought into choosing the right groomsmen gifts. Of course you want to find something within your budget. There are tons of resources in stores and online. Don't be afraid to check out discount places and non-traditional stores.


  • The traditional gifts: flasks, shot glasses, beer mugs, business card cases, pilsner glasses, golf accessories, cuff links, pocket watches, money clips. You can sometimes get these items personalized, which is a nice touch, just watch the pricing.
  • For guys on the go: Personalized key chains, gym bags, car accessories, shaving kits, manicure sets, cologne, pen and pencil set, embroidered handkerchiefs, a personalized I-Pod holder.
  • Unique gifts for the guys: tickets to a favorite sports event, a Swiss army knife or small pocketknife, an all-in-one tool like a Leatherman, monogrammed bedroom slippers, personalized lighters, a chrome cigar holder, a couple of special cigars, a sleek cocktail shaker.
  • The personal touch: If you have great photos of your groomsmen, why not add them to everyday items. Sites like have items you can personalize with your own photos. Mugs, Calendars, Mouse pads, Playing Cards and key chains can all be made to order. 

Remember that when you are picking out wedding gifts for groomsmen, you want to keep each attendant's personality in mind as well as your relationship with them and the things you have in common. Happy Shopping!