Discover Wedding Locations

Saving money on wedding locations can be fun and easy using a little thought and footwork. Of course it is cheapest to choose a site closest to where you live or where the majority of your guests live.

Everyone lives near beautiful places. The secret is to do your homework and some searching. You have tons of choices no matter where you live. 

When deciding on a wedding site you must consider whether or not you would like the wedding and reception to be at the same location or separate places. In many cases it is cheaper to remain in the same place.


  • Small chapels in or around your area with a social hall for the reception.
  • Local, State or National Parks are enchanting as a locale.
  • Check out Historical Buildings in your town. They are often used for such occasions.
  • Garden settings are perfect for outdoor weddings. Call local botanical clubs, etc. for locations.
  • Keeping with the historical choices, check local Museums for availability.
  • Live near the water? Nothing is as beautiful as a wedding on the beach or lakeside.
  • If you belong to a local club or organization, check what they have to offer.
  • Try a quaint Barn, Farm or Ranch for that country feel.
  • Are you a unique couple? Find an unusual spot nearby like an amusement park!

When you are making the big decision about wedding locations and/or wedding reception locations, consider your budget, of course, and perhaps tying in other elements of the wedding. 

If you are going with a running theme, it might help you to narrow down the places that you would use. Don't forget your color scheme, the weather forecast, transportation to and from the location, and most of all the bride and groom's personality!