Wedding Photography Suggestions

by Tracy
(Orlando, FL)

Little cameras on the tables are a good idea to supplement a professional photographer, but the quality will not be there to blow up a picture to a 8x10 or maybe even a 5x7. They work great for 4x6 prints of your friends and family during the reception. They are also not good for action shots in lower lighting like most reception sites.

A professional wedding photographer has experience in photographing weddings. Wedding photography is totally different than any other type of photography. A wedding photographer that has been in business for more than 5 years knows how to handle low lighting, churches that don't allow flash photography, boring backgrounds, getting people to look in the same direction and how to correctly pose people (making sure everyone's face is visible, trees don't look like they are growing out of someone's head, branches aren't blocking someone's face).

Your wedding is a special day. After the wedding is over, your pictures are what you are going to have left to remember your wedding day so make sure they are good ones.

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