Fun Wedding Shower Games

Our Favorite Bridal Shower Game...The TP Gown Contest!

Wedding shower games are fun to come up with and can be the icebreaker of the day. They also help to get the festive mood going.

Generally 3 or 4 games are played during the shower. 

The hostess could provide a token gift for each winner. 

Gifts could be:

Address books, picture frames, candles, tealight holders, hair accessories, coffee mugs, gift cards, plants, bath salts, soaps, etc.

Use anything you like and don't forget to incorporate the theme.


  • Bridal Gown Game This is hands-down the most fun game to play. The hostess buys several rolls of toilet paper. Guests are broken up into teams. Each team chooses a model. The teams design wedding gowns using ONLY toilet paper wrapped around the model. The bride chooses the winning gown. Needless to say, this is our favorite bridal shower games! 
  • Bride Bingo Game Bride bingo can be purchased inexpensively at party stores or you could make your own on your home computer.
  • Word Scramble The hostess compiles 12-15 words having to do with weddings. Using your home computer, create a document listing each word scrambled. Guests will try to unscramble the words in 5 minutes. The person with the most correct answers wins.
  • Clothespins Game The hostess gives a clothespin or mini-clothespin to each guest. She tells everyone a specific word that is off limits (like the grooms name or the word wedding. The game begins when everyone has arrived. Every time someone says the forbidden word, the person that catches her, gets her pin. The person with the most pins at the end of the game wins a prize.
  • Bride Trivia Game The hostess gets facts about the bride before the shower. Use questions like favorite color, favorite food, where the couple met etc. 20 questions is a good number. The hostess makes a question sheet on a home computer and gives it to the guests. The person that has the most correct answers after a set amount of time wins a prize. This is a great game for co-ed showers!
  • Name Game Prepare game sheets with the bride and grooms names on the top of the sheet. The person that makes the most words using the letters of their names wins a prize.
  • Wedding shower games can be fun and inexpensive. The Internet offers several websites where you can download FREE bridal shower games. So take advantage of these and do your research.