Fun Wedding Showers For Less

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Wedding Showers FAQ

Who will host the party? Traditionally the maid of honor hosts the party, but that doesn't mean it can't be someone else (except for the bride and groom). Co-hosting is a great money saver!

How much will it cost? Ask the bride what her preferences are (i.e. her fave foods, does she want to play games, etc.) and how many guests she'd like to invite. And then set your budget accordingly. The size of your guest list and venue will affect the amount of money you will spend. Couple showers can add more expense to the festivities. 

Where? A bridal shower party can be held anywhere, but hosting it at someone's home is a huge money saver. By recruiting family and friends to pitch in with food, decorating, music, etc. can significantly reduce the cost of the shower!

When? The shower is generally held one to two months ahead of the wedding, and invitations should be sent four to six weeks before the shower date.

Cheap Chic Wedding Shower Planning Tips:

  • Choosing a  theme can help streamline the decorating and simplify the planning.
  • Ladies only? They typically enjoy light food at showers. Serve finger sandwiches, salads, deli platters and hors d’oeuvres. DIY instead of catering..big money saver!
  • Play fun  bridal shower games that you create or download from the Internet. Buy cute prizes at discount and specialty stores.
  • Serve punch as opposed to champagne or wine, and supply soft drinks and water as well. 
  • Hold the the shower in between mealtimes. Have a coffee and dessert shower, or wine and cheese shower.
  • DIY your own décor,  food and games…not only will you save lots of money, it will be a much more personal and special event.

Bridal shower party flow:

  • Set up appetizers, food and drinks before guests arrive.
  • Welcome your guests and supply name tags.
  • Introduce guests to one another or play an icebreaker game. 
  • Enjoy your food and drinks.
  • Keep things moving and make sure everyone is having a good time!
  • As the meal winds down, have the bride-to-be open gifts. 
  • Assign someone to write down each gift and whom it is from.
  • Cut the cake or serve dessert.
  • Play another game or two.
  • As your guests leave, give out favors. If it is within your budget, give each of the guests a favor to take home as they leave.

Having a memorable bridal shower does not have to cost a lot of money. The bride will appreciate having a fun get-together with the most special people in her life!