Wedding Tipping Secrets

Wedding tipping is a detail that should be kept in mind while planning and budgeting your wedding. It will take a lot off your mind if you assign someone to help you out with this task.

Usually the Best Man or a family member is used to hold the tips and give them out at the appropriate time.

The only way that you’ll save money in this department is if you do not use all of these services. If you do use any or all of the following services, then gratuities should be distributed to those who offer good service.

The following is a guideline to the most common wedding tipping…

  • Limousine Drivers – Check your contract to see if it’s included, if not then tip 15% - 20%.
  • Coat Rooms – Usually 50 cents to $1.00 per guest. Sometimes you can pre-arrange a flat fee.
  • Judge, Justice of the Peace, or City Clerk – If they do not charge for the ceremony, then $50 - $75 is appropriate. Some charge a fee and cannot accept tips.
  • Clergymen, Rabbis, Priests – No less than $75 - $100. The Best Man traditionally gives after the ceremony.
  • Organist, Musician – This is usually included in the church fee. If not, then tip no less than $35 - $50
  • Florists, Bakers, Photographers – Tip 15% only for extra special service.
  • Parking Attendants - $1 - $2 per car if they are not taking tips from guests.
  • Caterer or Banquet Manager – May be included in your contract. If not, tip 15% - 20%. Extra can be give for exceptional service.
  • Band - $15 - $20 per band member
  • DJ – 15%- 20% for an exceptional job. Not always required.
  • Bartender – $20-25- May be included in your contract. Give extra only for exceptional service.

Again, you’ll save lots of money when any of these services are done by yourself or friends and family. You’ll also save tons for example, parking your cars yourself, etc.