Wedding Transportation Ideas

Some attention should be paid to your wedding transportation. Transportion can be as simple and no-nonsense or as frivolous as you want it to be.

No matter what your preference, a little legwork, homework and creativity can save you a lot of money. 

Some things you may consider are how many people you will transport and your budget. Of course, transporting the bride and groom only, is the cheapest way to go. As budget allows, you can add in the wedding party, parents, grandparents and close friends.

Consider these modes of transport:

  • Stretch Limo – the classic choice.
  • Town Car – Sometimes a cheaper alternate to Limos.
  • Vintage Car – Check around for an old limo or antique Roadster.
  • Retro Car – Rent something from the 50s, 60s, or 70s.
  • Horse & Buggy – Check locally for a deal on this romantic alternative.
  • Van – If you’re considering transporting large groups of people, you may find a deal on a 7 or 12 passenger van.
  • Party Bus – A fun way to send large groups.
  • Lincolns/Cadillacs – Rent and let the groomsmen escort VIPs.
  • Your Own Car – Decorate your own car or a friend’s car for a real bargain.
  • Consider the unusual…leave the ceremony in a snowmobile, motorcycles, a rowboat, or a snazzy convertible.

Some wise tips:

  • Check references on potential transportation companies.
  • Check the company’s cancellation policy
  • Go over the rate details thoroughly.
  • Check the condition of the car(s) that will be used.
  • Request the color of the car(s) that you want.
  • Check out the appearance of the driver(s) that you’ll be using.
  • Ask how the driver will be dressed.
  • Ask if the company gives wedding discounts.
  • Understand the fees involved and check the contract before signing.
  • Give clear details of the locations of your wedding and reception.

Working out your Wedding Transportation details in an organized way can save you money and headaches, and make for a wonderful detail of your wedding. 

Take your time and solicit help in getting it all together.