Using Wedding Unity Candles To Make Your Ceremony Special

Using wedding unity candles as part of a wedding ceremony is becoming increasingly popular. The candle lighting represents two individuals coming together as one. A bride and groom symbolically show that they and their families form a union. Traditionally, three candles are used, two tapers and one larger candle.

At this point the ceremony can become whatever you want it to be. The candles can be placed at the front of a church, at the side of the venue, or anywhere in the room in which you’re getting married. Just make sure they are on a sturdy surface and are away from flammable items.

Some brides and grooms have their mothers light the taper candles, yet others have additional people join in. You may want to use children, grandparents, or any important persons. This is usually done as the procession enters. Then the persons lighting return to their seats.

When the bride and groom light the large candle is completely up to the couple. Speak with your officiant about a good time to do so. Some couples play a special music selection during the lighting. 

One other part of this tradition that is done differently by different people is whether or not to extinguish the individual candles after the large one is lit. Again, up to you. One of the best things to add to Wedding Unity Candle lighting is special words, poems and sentiments. 

If you are not up to writing your own, many can be found in books and on the internet.