Save On Wedding Veils and Bridal Headpieces

There are lots of different styles of wedding veils to top off your look; Tiaras, Back Pieces, Barrettes or Combs, Wreath of Flowers and Hats.

The first thing to consider when choosing your bridal headpiece is your hairstyle.

Once you decide on your look, (i.e. up-do, down and natural, etc.) try on every veil you can get your hands on. Experiment and then try on more. Do this of course with your hair somewhat in your chosen style.

Your headpiece should match the style of your wedding. It doesn't have to match the style of your dress but it should be appropriate (i.e. a long veil for a formal church wedding or a wreath headband for a garden wedding, etc.).

A great way to save cash is to make your own. Don't be afraid-it's pretty simple. Going to a bridal store and buying a wedding veil could cost up to a few hundred dollars or more. If you make a bridal veil from materials purchased at the craft store it might cost around $30 or less! You could save up to hundreds. 

  • You can buy veiling which has already been cut and gathered and ready to attach to a headpiece
  • If you or someone you know is a seamstress you can purchase a pattern
  • They even have bridal veil kits at the craft store. The kits are pretty inexpensive and come with the instructions and all the materials you need.
  • A simple yet elegant idea is to attach fresh flowers to a plastic comb
  • Another beautiful option is to make a floral headband. This is super easy!

All you need is:

  • White headband
  • One stem blush colored, silk hydrangeas (or your favorite flower)
  • One stem pink silk sweat peas

Remove flowers from stems. Start at the top of headband, working down each side, glue flowers to band. Alternate sweet peas with hydrangeas.

We love this idea because you could do your headpiece in white flowers and your bridesmaid's and flower girl's could be colored-all for a few bucks!

Have fun creating your own wedding veil for your special day.