Weddings that don't break the bank.

by sarah
(burton mi)

You know, when I was little I wanted this huge wedding with tons of guests, expensive dress...on and on and on. Then in June 2009 I tied the knot.

We didn't have a lot of money and with three kids, well a big wedding wasn't an option. So we found a wonderful person to marry us. We got married at my aunts house on a lake. The only people invited were our parents, siblings, my aunt and uncle, and my best friend (well and the kids lol). We decided that a small wedding was great for now.

On our one year anniversary, we are having a huge reception and wedding right on the hall property outside.

I had my dress made for $300.00 total with lace and veil. I bought my shoes at payless during bogo and had a coupon.

My hall allows us to use the kitchen so that saves on the cost of catering. Family and friends offered to make food. We are having beer, mixed drinks and carpi suns for the kids.

I bought invites at party city during bogo and had a coupon so I got 200 invites for less than $40.00.

The decorations I am ordering online in bulk. I ordered flowers my my grocery store because they get better deals. I will be putting my own arrangements together and making bouts.

The guys are wearing linen pants and button down shirts and girls dresses them from jcp 90.00 for three. the girls are wearing flip flops and so are the guys.

So as you can see simple can be great. I will upload a picture when we have the wedding.

So far my totals is less than 3500.00 for food hall dress and everything else.

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