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As a wedding photographer, I can tell you there is nothing worse than dealing with a bride who has read something like this and present me with all kinds of stupid ideas.

The worst is when they say they want to edit the pictures themselves to try to drive the price down.

No photographer in their right mind would EVER let someone else touch their photos and it is usually in the contract that the client cannot in any way alter the photos.

Every bride should be budgeting at least 10% of the wedding budget solely for photography.

People often don't realize that long after their wedding day is over, the photographer is still working. It takes about 40-60 hours total on the photographers end for an average wedding.

We have bills and families too and we cannot afford to lose money because you didn't have enough forethought to budget enough money for your wedding.

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Are you serious??!
by: Anonymous

You know, some people can't actually AFFORD a photographer. I understand you have bills to pay too, but that doesn't mean you should knock those of us looking for a cheaper way to capture the moment.

A few of my friends are professional photographers for national magazines, I know hiring a photographer is NOT cheap. My wedding is in less than 6 months, and between my fiance needing surgery, and needing to buy a new car, and bills mounting up on us like it's nobody's business, we are looking for the cheapest route possible.

Sites like this are a godsend for people like us. If you have a problem with people asking for a cheaper alternative, or asking to edit their own photos to save money, then let them know that's not what you do, and then get over it.

Money is hard to come by with the economy the way it is, we can't all afford to spend hundreds of dollars for someone to take pictures. You have bills to pay, but so does everyone else, and some of us can't afford the luxury of spending hundreds of dollars on a photographer, let alone thousands of dollars on a wedding, and if trying to find cheaper ways to plan the event is going to help us STILL have the wedding of our dreams, then who are you to complain?

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